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Alessandro Di Lollo Kali Silat

The first Alessandro Di Lollo’s contact with south-east Asian martial arts (Kuntao, Kali, Silat) was in 1996.
He came from various martial experience (Judo, Tang Soo Do, Karate, KajuKenbo) and he achieved the 1° chieh black sash in Chino-Vietnamese traditional Kung Fu (Hoang Nam Pali).
In 1997 he became apprentice of M° Maurizio Maltese, the pioneer of these martial arts in Italy, and he studied with him until 2003, when he achieved the Filipino Kali and Indonesian Pencak Silat (Cidepok Silat) instructor degree, still increasing Chinese Kung Fu (Tang Lang and Hung Gar) obtaining the second duan instructor degree.

In 2003 he entered the FIMASD (Filipino Indonesian Martial Arts Self Defence) and he stayed in this organization a few years.
Here he had the opportunity to meet and train with several masters in a European and worldwide reputation, like Frederick Mastro (Silat Defense System), Mitchell Tsia King Fung (Arnis Koredas Obra Mano) and Greg Alland, one of the pioneers of Filipino and Indonesian martial arts in America.

In 2006 he started a collaboration with a group of free instructors in Mestre (Venice), meeting and training with masters like Eric Chatelier (Setia Hati Silat), Krishna Godania (Warrior Escrima and Filipino Silat), and Eric Kruk (Harimau Silat).
At the same time he had some experiences with other masters in Europe, like Bradley Jacobs (Cimande, Pukulan).

Alessandro Di Lollo is master in Kali, Arnis, Escrima Fekda and Fedika, recognized 1° level Guro by PCKEAM (Philippine, Council of Kali, Eskrima, Arnis Masters), master in Kuntao-Silat Fekda-Csen, master in Pencak Silat Fedka, IRSAST (Research and Study Institute of Traditional Fencing Academy) short blades and stick of Italian tradition (Scrima) instructor, with Prof. Antonio G.G. Merendoni.

The improvement of his personal technical expertise is still in progress, exchanging experience with various international masters, his degree is recognized also by several masters in USA.


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