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CSERAM (Martial Art Study and Research) was born in 2003 for a master’s will and his group of students, keen to south-east Asian martial arts.

The study begins with Filipino Kali (or arnis), and its natural completion, the Indonesian Pencak Silat, touching upon the Chinese-matrix Kuntao, because of the good level in Chinese martial arts that this school carried from its previous experience.

CSERAM’s purpose is to research and increase some important aspects, like an efficient and modern self-defense, the respect of martial tradition, and the improvement of apprentice’s mental and spiritual sides.

In regard with the proper self-defense, this item is constantly studied and perfected, trying to keep it up-to-date and suitable to the these days needs.

The primary objective of the school and its fundamental parameter is the self-defense.

It’s necessary to remember that these charming and deadly martial arts have at their base the purpose to let you save your life, to let you face difficult situations and protect yourself and who you care for; that’s why they’re created for and this is not forgettable or ignorable.

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